What is your fee and do you take credit cards?

When we have our initial conversation we will discuss your situation, goals and time frame. Towards the end of that conversation I will be able to give you my estimate of the time involved and what my charge would be to help you achieve the results you desire. I do offer stand alone coaching sessions as well as Coaching Engagements. 

I accept checks, cash and credit cards.

How long does  Coaching take?

Generally speaking, it is reasonable to expect that it will take at least 6 months of coaching to achieve signifiant, long lasting results. However, you will determine the length of our partnership. Some clients benefit from a single powerful Coaching session. Some clients have worked with me for years. As long as I am useful to you, I'm happy to be your Coach.

How is Coaching different from  Counseling?

Coaching is a hopeful, powerful, solution focused collaboration that works well for strong, healthy Individuals and Couples who want to build upon their strengths and enrich their experience of your life, your career, your relationships. Powerful coaching questions will advance your thinking, improve your focus and clarity about the area of your life you want to address. As a result of this clarity, you will set goals and action items to move yourself forward. Coaching will hold you accountable to your goals. Coaching can help you identify key behavior(s) that are in the way of your otherwise successful career. Coaching can help you examine and modify the self-limiting perceptions and attitudes that have kept you, or your couple, from obtaining greater levels of satisfaction in your life.  Many clients find the structure and commitment of coaching provide motivation, discipline and focus. 

Counseling works for people with a mental health disorder or dysfunction. The goal of Counseling is to heal emotional pain or trauma. Counseling often focuses on the past and helps you address the relationships and issues that have caused this pain. The counselor will give you a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan for you. 

As your coach, I will build a collaborative, respectful relationship with you to help you move ahead to accomplish the positive changes you desire. When you reach roadblocks in life, these are the opportunities to delve deeper, to learn more and to truly grow. For thoughtful, determined individuals, obstacles can be your greatest opportunities!

If you want to grow and make lasting improvements in your life, career and relationships, contact me to see if I am the coach for you!