Individual & EXECUTIVe Coaching




Are you frustrated by knowing you are capable of so much more than you experience in your life or career? Do you believe you can be more fulfilled and successful but feel blocked about how to get there? Do you pay the emotional and financial cost of not advancing in your career the way you know you could? Do you feel frustrated by the challenge of clear, effective communication? 

These challenges are also tremendous opportunities for growth!  Through Individual Coaching you will learn to communicate more effectively, with flexibility and impact. Through Individual Coaching you can make career transitions, succeed in a new role, develop and manage key professional relationships, deliver better results and achieve the success you know you are capable of achieving.

Powerful Coaching questions will draw on your inner resources and knowledge to advance your thinking about successful ways to attain your goals. You will learn what self limiting perceptions are holding you back. You will identify solutions to overcome the obstacles to your goals. You will determine action plans during each session to move towards your goals. The structure of coaching provides accountability to ensure you do reach your goals.

I will offer compassionate support and give you honest feedback to help you see where your behavior is not aligned with your goals. We will work to help you modify self defeating behaviors or perceptions. I will listen to, coach and support you to achieve your goals in a way that is uniquely tailored and successful for you.

If you are highly motivated and bring determination to coaching, you can expect to feel happier. You can expect to accomplish your goals. You can expect to feel more fulfilled in your relationships.  You can expect to advance in your career.


Whether you own your own business, or are a leader in your organization, I offer results-driven coaching. Through coaching you can enhance your leadership presence, communicate more effectively, resolve conflict, lead teams more effectively, manage your time better, engage and mobilize your employees, think strategically, provide service excellence and drive business revenue.


Finding the right coach for you is a very important part of the successful outcome of coaching. I offer an initial phone conversation at no charge to discuss your situation and goals for coaching, time frame and fees.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” Lao Tzu


Individuals Helped

"Working with Elizabeth is nothing short of life changing. You are unlikely to have met someone as professional or loving, and if you can approach the work with open eyes and heart, the results will astound you."  

                       - A.B., New York, NY


"I feel very fortunate that I am working with Elizabeth Clement. She is very thoughtful as she helps me explore possibilities in my life. As my coach, Elizabeth helps me to have a better understanding of myself, through working collaboratively with me, to learn to navigate challenging relationships in my life."

                       - B. J. Waltham, MA


"Elizabeth's sharp intelligence, optimism, thoughtfulness, candor, humor, and sense of strength are models for how I want to be in my life."

                      - A.G. Concord, MA

Individuals Who Benefit From Coaching:

  • Individuals who want more fulfillment in their lives

  • Individuals who want to nurture a deeper connection in their relationships

  • Individuals who want better communication

  • Individuals who want to improve their conflict resolution skills

  • Individuals who want to advance in their career

  • Individuals who want to develop leadership presence and manage key relationships in their career

  • Business Owners who want to increase the profitability of their business, think strategically and implement tactics for growth.

  • Individuals who want support navigating health care challenges