My charming coaching partner, Romeo, and me.


Life and Relationship Coach in Weston, MA

I'm Elizabeth Clement, M.S.Ed, a Transformational Coach with over 40 years of experience helping Couples and Individuals lead happy, fulfilling lives. My goal is to generate open, honest communication, to inspire, intrigue, motivate and help you accomplish your goals! I work with individuals and couples from all across Massachusetts - with most coming from the Newton, Waltham, Watertown, Weston, Chestnut  Hill and Wayland areas.  


coaching for couples or Individuals in Brookline, MA


"I experienced an incomparable boost in the quality of my marriage, as well as with many of my other close friendships. I can't say enough about Elizabeth. I've got more love and happiness in my life than I believed possible!"

                                 - S.D. Cambridge, MA


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Couples Coaching in Westin, MA

Whether you are married or are building a new relationship, I will guide you and your partner through unique problem-solving skills, so that you both feel strong, understood and valued.All of this in the convenient location in Newton, MA.

Individual Life Coaching in Westin, MA

I will listen to, support and coach you to achieve your goals in a way that is unique to you. You can expect to feel better and have new ideas about how to approach the challenges in your life from our work together. All of this in the convenient location in Newton, MA.

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